Girl Scouts

today’s theme: yoga to help with sleep

Hello and welcome, Girl Scouts, to “BE KIND. BE MINDFUL. BE OK.” This yoga resource is made especially with you in mind!

I had a request for yoga to help with sleep, so here it is! Just find a space where you can comfortably move around, and perhaps grab a pillow or two if you want to try a supported resting pose at the end of class. The class will take about 20 minutes…enjoy!

GREAT! How was that for you? Did you notice your mind, heart, or body relaxing? Was there any poses that stood out to you that you might try before bed sometime?

I hope you are sleeping soundly and peacefully. I’d like to encourage you in the days ahead to give yourself a little extra grace and love.

Do you have a theme you’d like to request? You can always send an email to (this email comes to me, Miss Melissa, and Hannah from Girl Scouts Lakes and Pines). 

Take good care of yourselves, Girl Scouts. I’ll talk to you next week!

– Miss Melissa